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Masks + Peeling

Beautyfy your complexion with masks

Masks are loving strokes for your skin. They cleanse, tighten, soothe and refresh the skin, while making it both rosy and smooth from your hairline to your cleavage. Most exceptionally, unlike creams, with masks this is just a matter of seconds.

Offer yourself this pleasure as often as you can and at least once week!

Peeling - An absolute must!

The word peeling is derived from the verb „to peel“.

Peeling products chemically and/or mechanically remove deposits, skin particles (dead skin cells) and skin impurities. If skin particles are not removed from the skin regularly, they can compromise the effects of care products and your complexion will look greyish over time. Regular peeling is thus essential and your complexion will look fresh and rosy again after each peeling treatment. The skin texture will be improved, the pores will be clean and the skin will feel a lot smoother.

If you have oily and large-pored skin, you should opt for a peeling at least once a week. In case of very dry and soft skin once or twice a month will be sufficient, and further, there are special peeling-masks that are very mild and irritation-free specially suited for dry and sensitive skin.

Masken und Peeling
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