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Body care

Body care is not a matter of time!

An attractive bodily appearance is always linked to good care and, of course, to a good figure. Complete body care is thus inevitably a sign of harmony.

People who are both harmonious and balanced provide intensive care for their body. Often, they do not spend a lot of time, but they care in the right way. And what could be more pleasant than covering your skin in aromatic oils during the day?

Aromatic oils will provide pleasant harmony to the body. Wrap your skin into a light layer of Aloe Vera and Vitamin “E” and it will get its comforting rest in the evening. It will then be able to regenerate, to refuel again and to recover from the smaller injuries it has been exposed to during the day.

It could not be better! Harmony is the key to any kind of personal well-being. This is why body care is such a pleasure. And all it takes is a few minutes a day!

The feeling you’ll get after such a treatment will give you back a hundred times more than the time you spent for your personal care. Thus try, it will pay!

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Comfort Body Lotion, 200 ml

A soft and light body lotion.
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