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Rebalancing programme


Oily skin is caused by an excessive secretion of sebum, called seborrhoea.  It is hormone-dependent and can thus be aggravated by stress, pollution and warm, humid climates.  Your skin becomes thicker and shiny, and can be subjected to blemishes and enlarged pores.  Dry cheeks and a shiny T-zone indicate combination skin.

A specialist in marine cosmetology for over 35 years, THALGO has drawn a sebum-regulating active ingredient from the sea: Controlamine.

Natural, high-performance active ingredients for healthy skin.


This laminaria seaweed extract deters the activity of the key enzyme responsible for the hormonal reaction that causes seborrhoea  (in vitro tests).  It also helps reducing the thickening of the skin and irritations that lead to blemishes.

Cytobiol (R) Bardane

A complex made of Burdock extract, Vitamin B8 and Zinc salt, with anti-seborrhoea and antiseptic properties.

Pam Extract (R)

A natural extract of Grapefuit seed with sebum-regulating, anti-blemish and astringent properties.

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PURETE MARINE Imperfection Corrector, 15 ml

Imperfection corrector - purifies - minimises
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