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How to make a wellness oasis out of your bathroom?

What could be the best way to raise your spirits on a long grey and rainy autumn day? Of course – to get rid of the wet and muddy clothes, fill up your bathtub with cosy warm water and dive into the refreshing wet.

During hundreds of years, taking a bath has been the best way of intensive body cleansing. But today the bath has become a special experience. Those who want to get clean, take a quick shower. But those who take a bath look for relaxation.

And they are right! The warm water relaxes tense muscles, lowers the heart rate, allows you to breathe in deeper and the whole body can completely relax.

And this relaxation can still be improved. Make a meaningful selection of bath ingredients and create a perfectly relaxing atmosphere. Some lit candles and some dimmed light will work real wonders!

The senses will turn away from the outside to the inside and will help you to experience the now in a whole new light. Body and soul can finally come to a natural rest. Especially, if the whole scene is underlined with some special music, your bath will turn into an unforgettable experience.

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