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Colloidal products silver

Silver - use it against unclean skin

New dermatological insights restore the fate of people with unclear skin. Numerous studies have demonstrated how colloidal silver can provide thorough cleansing of the skin. Further, the application of this treatment method is very easy to handle. Simply wash your face very thoroughly with the fat-free cleanser three times a day.

Very thoroughly means that you should apply the cleanser softly in a circular movement with your fingers on the unclean parts of your skin. In this way, you will wash the impurities and used lipids from the upper skin layers to the surface. Afterwards, just use the freshener in combination with some cotton pads to free your skin gently from those substances you moved out of your skin. This process is highly important, because unclean skin is much more sensitive to bacteria and germs, which can cause inflammations and thus steal away the beauty of your face.

Cleansing and post-cleansing are at the base of skin-improvement

Colloidal Silver Cosmetics are a strong system to get rid of skin impurities. Colloidal means that these products use micro-fine minerals. Those silver ions work on two levels. Firstly, they will lead to increased immune reactions. Secondly, silver-minerals will block the bacteria’s and germs’ respiratory chains. This will lower or even avoid the risk of further irritations or inflammations. Finally, the skin will be freed of harmful germs and the skin will be calmed. How long do I have to wait for first visible results? That depends on nutrition as well – and on consequent care, of course. Most people witness visible results after 20 to 40 days.

Colloidalprodukte Silber
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Colloidal Silver, 10 ml

Concentrate of 500 ppm Collodial Silver for problematic skin.
30.90 € including TAX, shipping costs excluded

Colloidal Silber Gel, 100 ml

Aloe skingel containing 10% of collodial Silver - Emergency relief for severe skin problems and long-lasting treatments.
31.89 € including TAX, shipping costs excluded
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