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First an immediate effect and then the long-term effect

Cold! As the skin is exposed to unusual levels of stress, it often appears to be tired and lacking tone. Both cold and heat withdraw moisture from the skin and as a result, it slowly starts drying out. The coldness modifies the structure of the connective tissues. These tissues are responsible of extracting nutrients from the blood. In order to maintain their form, the tissues need hyaluronans, mucopolysaccharides or substances that preserve moisture such as aminoglycane.

Further, nutrients are needed to build up the structures. A concentrated charge of these nutrients is more effective than just a few drops. That’s what we call the power of active ingredients. This high dose of vital power is best supplied through ampoules. They contain fresh hyaluronic acids and many more highly effective substances that are hygienically preserved in glass-ampoules. Once you set these substances free on your thoroughly cleansed skin, you will literally feel how they act on the needy regions of your skin, preserving high amounts of the body’s own moisture while giving you a maximum of vitality.

Concentrated power

Nourishing ampoules develop their highest effects in a cure program. One ampoule every third day during one month will increase the firmness of your skin while slowing down the degenerative process. The skin will gain in elasticity and firmness and become wonderfully smooth. This is efficient care!

And there are even further advantages: Each ampoule will provide new moisture to your skin. The hyaluronic molecules will place themselves on the wrinkles and tighten the skin for many hours. That means that your skin will look visibly younger and fresher right after applying the product.

The effect of the ampoules can further be reinforced by pretreating the skin with the Ice-Facer or by massaging the liquid in with a sono-device.

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Ice Facer Set

Iceball for a pre-treatment of the skin - the skin becomes much more receptive to ampoules and cures.
78.69 € including TAX, shipping costs excluded

Hyaluron Ampouls, 10 x 2 ml

Ideal for fast firming of the skin.
78.69 € including TAX, shipping costs excluded
165.89 € including TAX, shipping costs excluded
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