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Sun protection products

Cheating during the holidays can have dangerous consequences…
Product loyalty however always pays!

You are planning your holidays. You wish to spend the best days of the year as nicely as possible. Whether you would like to relax, do some sports or discover new countries and cultures… plan your trip thoroughly! Also, or maybe especially your skin care and sun protection.

It has all been seen…

The sun is scorching the skin. What might be wrong with buying a sunscreen at some store at the corner? After all, the product is just supposed to protect my skin against sunburn. However: that is only one side of the coin. Because a good sunscreen needs to harmonize with my other care products.

Inadequate sunscreens can cause both unexpected and undesirable problems to the skin. In most cases, skin irritation is a consequence of two products that do not harmonize with each other, causing chemical reactions a result of exposure to the sun.

Further, the suntan will become irregular. In extreme cases, this process even encourages wrinkling and all you have achieved through your skin care will be destroyed.

This is why you should strictly avoid any kind of experiments during your holidays. Cheating can be extremely harmful and may entail high costs for your skin. Thus stay loyal to your care products during the holidays!

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