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Ampoul Set

An extra shot freshness

If used as a cure program, these nourishing phials develop the highest impact. Take one ampoule every third day, during thirty days and you will feel how your skin becomes increasingly firm.

Ampoule cures keep the moisture in the skin and slow down the ageing process. After all, they are a guarantee for popular beauty effects and for impressive appearances. First, clean the skin in the area of face and throat thoroughly and apply then the ampoule’s content on the skin, while massaging it in carefully until the skin has absorbed all of the product.

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Ampoule-Cure with Active Subbstances, 10 x 2 ml

Ampullae - Trio: 3 x Collagen, 4 x Aloe Vera, 3 x cell-refreshing extract. A both versatile and exquisite selection of substance-ampullae.
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